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Nexus Two Coming Next Month?

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After the Nexus One failed so miserably earlier this year, despite all the hype that preceded it, I'd have thought that the Nexus name was dead. But not so according to a new rumor. There's a Nexus Two in store. It's manufactured by Samsung, bears the Google phone name and is coming in less than two weeks, November 8 to be exact. Samsung already had a press conference scheduled in NYC that day,...

Nexus One: $530 From Google, $180 With 2-Year Contract

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According to a series of tipped product pages originally run on Gizmodo, the Google Nexus One will run $530 for the unlocked, direct-from-Google version. The subsidized version from T-Mobile will run $180 with two years of service. The phone will be offered with only one plan, a $39.99 Even More Individual 500 plan, which will run subscribers $80/month.